April 5, 2013

Postmarked for Eternity

The 13 cent Canal Zone stamp was the first postage stamp published using my father's artwork.  Issued February 23, 1976, pictures the dipper dredge, Cascadas.  The Canal has always been a subject matter my father has embraced.  He created a drawing, etching, and painting of this composition. 

The original is part of a permanent collection owned by the ACP (Autoridad del Canal Panama) and was reproduced in the widely distributed Panama Canal Review in 1975.  In addition, the black and white drawings of this collection were reproduced and sold in packets early in my father's career.  I remember as a child going to Stephens Circle with my mother and selling these packets of drawings.  Many people still have these black and white drawings framed and on display in their homes today.  

The 15 cent Canal Zone postage stamp was the last postage stamp produced by the Canal Zone before the ending of the Canal Zone postage system.   The first day of issue was October 25, 1978.  The image captures the operation of the electric "mules" as they guide a ship through the lock and is probably the most recognized Canal Zone postage stamps

The original painting used for the 15 cent postage stamp is part of the permanent collection of Al Sprague paintings found in the rotunda of the Administration Building of the Panama Canal in Balboa Heights, Panama.  It too, was reproduced in the 1975 Panama Canal Review.

Since the production of the Canal Zone postage stamps, my father's work has been used to produce six Panamanian stamps.   


  1. We visited with your dad one day and he showed us these sheets of stamps and lots of photos from Panama. The works that hang on our walls always come with a story about him. Have to stop by soon! Susan and Bob

  2. My great-grandfather, Denis Prieur "D.P." White, was chief engineer of the dredge Cascadas for many years, and the Cascadas is part of our family lore. Thanks for posting these photos. Your father's beautiful work captures that time and place well.

  3. Hello my names Dan I have a framed stamped.envelope. postmarked oct, 25, 1978 with the stamp brief message about the locomotive and Al Sprague's signature. What is this piece worth or? Have pictures.


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