September 29, 2011


Life as the daughter of artist Al Sprague has proven to be quite an adventure.  I have had so many opportunities to meet individuals from across the world who have an admiration and love for his God-given talent.  His work has crossed all types of barriers and touched the lives of many. 

It is because of this wide spread love and respect that I decided to start this blog in hopes to share a little insight into his art, life, and career. 


As far back as I can remember, my father has worked in a garage studio in our house. As a child, I spent many hours watching him paint.  It was, and still is, one of my favorite things to do.  Today, he continues to paint in a studio in his home.  It is where he returns each night to his homeland of Panama. 

His subject matters include the polleras (national folkloric dancers), fishermen, market vendors, and the canal of Panama. 

My blog will reveal a portfolio of Sprague's artwork thoughout the years.  I invite you to join me on this is sure to be interesting.


  1. I am glad you started this blog. Al has painted the best of my beloved Polleras, the Canal Zone, and fishermen. His talent is remarkable, and I will allways display his art with pride.

    Al Bonilla

  2. Kassie: I am one of the fortunate who met your father and was given a print of one of his paintings of a Panamanian woman. How extraordinary is his talent? And what a kind generous man he is. Its been years and I've lost track, but his picture on my dining room wall is still appreciated to the fullest. Phyllis Wallace, Newport News, VA

  3. Hi Kassie, I have been fortunate enough to acquire one of your father's bronze's entitled "Ice Shaver". I also have a chance to purchase a much larger sculpture called "Marlin". Do you have any idea what this might be worth? There were only 55 made.

    Thank you for this blog; I love your Dad's work!